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Employer Testimonials 

Our company has been utilizing the professional and temporary staffing services of Rita Staffing since 2004, and I wish to provide a letter of reference for other potential clients.  Your quality to detail on the hiring qualifications as well as background checks has provided a better workforce for our company.

I believe developing a quality relationship with Rita Staffing has reduced turnover as well as produced cost savings in training and recruiting expenses.  I would recommend the Rita Staffing organization to other employers and believe their flexibility to meet the customers needs is a strategic advantage.

Vice President, Human Resources

Rita Staffing has been servicing our Day and Night Warehouse Associate needs exclusively since 2007. At that time, we had two other services fulfilling our needs. Those services made all of the same promises and commitments to finding us qualified pre‐screened personnel that I have been hearing about for 15 years in the Warehousing/Distribution Industry. I can honestly say that until we partnered with Rita I had never seen a staffing service deliver on those promises.

With the other services’ personnel, we had seen disciplinary and attendance issues along with inconsistent work ethic. The supervision and communication from the staffing service to employees was also lacking. This is all too common with staffing services once they get their foot in the door. When we decided to give Rita Staffing their first assignment, the rest is history as they say. It was evident from day one they pre‐screened and explained our jobs to applicants. Not one of the first 30 Rita employees vacated their very tough physical positions!

Rita is way beyond the point of most companies that just “give you bodies”. They have been the most professional and communicative staffing service I have seen. They treat their placements like people at all times. They truly assist each person and our supervisors in making the best personnel fits for us.

I am approached at minimum on a weekly basis to talk to, meet with or entertain another staffing service for our needs. I kindly decline with ease.

State Director of Operations

I began working with your corporation in mid -2008 and was first introduced to the Rita Staffing team at that time.  We are heavy users of  temporary staffing and need the flexibility as well as the resources that agencies can provide to fill jobs quickly.  As I began working with your corporation, we were using three agencies, and I quickly discovered we needed to streamline the process as well as costs, so I decided to move to a primary vendor relationship.

During the selection process, I was quite impressed with the due diligence, the previous track record, and the relationship that RITA has with its employees.  Cost was a driving factor in the final decision, but also an agency that could provide full service, Administrative, IT, and Manufacturing would be heavily weighted.

RITA was able to show that it was the full package, and since the implementation and now on-site management, I am very pleased with the choice that was made.  RITA is available at all times of the day or night (we run 24/6).

Having a background in HR working as an On-Site Manager and as well as implementing several on-site programs, I feel that I can say that RITA has done an exemplary job for our corporation.  They are true partners in our business and our success is their goal.  I look forward to a long working relationship with this team.

Senior Human Resources Manager